Banned YouLube Vids

We were never asked!

Grooming Gang Report!

Hey Little Leftie!

Spy Kids – Not the movie!

Babies in solitary!

Rose tinted!

Misty masks?!

Monday rant..

I call bull shit and get a strike.

Hypocrisy be thy name.

I remember a time.

10 Replies to “Banned YouLube Vids”

  1. Stating the obvious is not allowed any more. They want us all passive, silent like submissive lemmings. Hence why so many videos are banned due to truth telling.

  2. This all started in the 1950’s with Labour which made sure all school teachers were in a union so were therefore lefties. This progressed decade after decade, Only the rich could pay for proper education but that did not worry Labour as it meant the majority of children were taught as lefties. That is where we are now, Universities only having lefty views, as they know no different. Any of them showing their different views are shouted down as wacists etc. The same thing has happened in the US the dems (labour) making sure they win by dishonest means.

  3. Work Dodgers: I have 3 children, all grown and left home now. What I noticed was that they were all heavily ‘left wing’ in what they said during their last few years at school. Two years or so after they left school they became normal (like me, lol) and all work and doing fairly well. Skools are suspect, at least some of them are. There are exceptions to that for sure. Shame that school heads are constrained by council diktat and some of them try to circumvent the lefty stuff. I know all this as my wife works as the PA to the head at a local school and the head there is not ‘woke’ at all. Good.

  4. Awesome Website, great move. Please add ‘Voice of Wales’ to your Website who has awesome content as you know…

  5. I’m US not UK, but “THEY” have brought in foreign low wage workers here as well. They advance the foreigners, women, trans-people, and gays, before a white man. Because the white man has had ‘white male privilege’ and this is a crime to them. At some future time, as this policy goes on, the UK population will no longer be predominately white UK Britons. This is done on purpose, because they don’t like the British, because the British claim men have God given rights and the people that run and own the world are Satanist.
    The 1689 English Bill of Rights empowered Parliament, allowed for a constitutional monarchy in England. Without the English Bill of Rights the U.S. Declaration of Independence, U.S. Bill of Rights, to the US Constitution never would have happened, they were written by British colonists.
    “In general, the English Bill of Rights limited the power of the monarchy, elevated the status of Parliament and outlined specific rights of individuals.”
    “Some of the key liberties and concepts laid out in the articles include:
    Freedom to elect members of Parliament, without the king or queen’s interference
    Freedom of speech in Parliament
    Freedom from royal interference with the law
    Freedom to petition the king
    Freedom to bear arms for self-defense
    Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment and excessive bail
    Freedom from taxation by royal prerogative, without the agreement of Parliament
    Freedom of fines and forfeitures without a trial
    Freedom from armies being raised during peacetime”
    The British are the reason for so much of the freedom that we have had in the world.
    Thomas Jefferson, British colonialist said, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This doesn’t mean we are all the same, but it means we have the same rights under God.
    Jefferson also said, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” This is a very British concept that Government exists by the consent of the governed and our rights are God given under God’s lordship.

    1. Well stated Marten, the only trouble being, is this shower of tossers running the show over here ignore all our God given rights, so there is only one way we will be able to sort this clusterfuck mess out, we have to learn from our cousins the patriots inthe States and take back our country from these treasonous phycopathic bastards who sit in Westminster.

  6. Re babies in solitary, a Dr Bob Maurer a human behavioural psychologist, was giving talks in the UK in the 1990s about this very experiment,
    He did the same experiment with monkeys and yes, they all died

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