5 Replies to “Rev’s Music Vids”

  1. Rev some song ideas?

    everybody wants to rule the world / tears for fears

    If you tolerate this then you’re children will be next. / the manic street preachers

  2. This truly makes me cry, this is an amazing video and beautifully sung by yours truly..Simon!

    It also gives me hope in humanity that there are people fighting for our rights, and we are not just a number or a disposable entity!

    I really hope you make a CD or DVD with some really thought provoking music videos, I’d certainly purchase one! Love your voice 💜

  3. The land of confusion . To many people making to many problems and not a lot of love to go around .

  4. Simon try this one the land of confusion .to many men making to many problems and not much love to go around .

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